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Student Learning Expectations
St. Hilary Self-Study 2005 – 2006

St. Hilary School Curriculum K-8

St. Hilary School Students are:

Learners, Goal Setters, and Achievers who:

A. Set goals and evaluate progress
B. Apply knowledge
C. Persist in tasks
D. Demonstrate a strong foundation in the basics of all curricular areas
E. Use study skills effectively

Faithful Christians who:

A. Demonstrate Christian values in daily life
B. Develop a relationship with God through prayer
C. Appreciate the uniqueness of each individual
D. Possess knowledge of church teachings and participate in liturgical celebrations

Responsible Citizens who:

A. Take responsibility for their actions
B. Are actively involved in the parish/school and the larger community
C. Are aware of global issues
D. Understand the basic civic responsibilities of a citizen
E. Appreciate diverse cultures and the uniqueness of others

Motivated, Lifelong Learners who:

A. Recognize and share their own Knowledge and Talents
B. Work independently and cooperatively
C. Demonstrate a curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
D. Are self-starters who facilitate own learning
E. Apply critical thinking skills in problem solving
F. Analyze alternatives in making informed, effective, and moral choices
G. Know where to go for information and how to interpret it

Effective Communicators who:

A. Are confident, poised speakers both publicly and with individuals of all ages
B. Communicate thought processes effectively
C. Clearly express ideas in writing using correct grammar and mechanics
D. Are active listeners who show respect for others' opinions
E. Utilize technology proficiently to expand their knowledge and to communicate
F. Understand music, art, and drama as forms of communication.

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