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2005-06 Calendar

Faculty 2005-2006

Jan Lovette
  • College - California State University
  • Year - 1965
  • Location - San Jose, California
  • Major/minor - Social Studies/English
  • Credential - Clear General Secondary Credential-1966 at California State University at San Jose
  • Advanced Degree - Masters in progress
  • Why is SHS so special to me? Saint Hilary has so many gifts that make it special. Our students are simply wonderful. They are warm, caring, hardworking and so giving. We have parents that donate time, talent, and love to our programs, our campus, and our mission and they make great things happen. Our faculty/staff bring their talents and a love of learning to their students everyday in so many ways. In the classroom, on the playground, in the hallways, our faculty/staff bring their expertise and personal commitment to providing the students with their best.
  • Prior teaching experience - Piedmont Hills High School, San Jose, CA, Booker T. Washington High School, Norfolk, VA, Norview High School, Norfolk, VA, Vista Del Rio Middle School, Anahein Hills, CA, Saint Anne School, Santa Ana, CA, Rosary High School. Fullerton, CA
  • Administration: 8 years as Vice Principal at Rosary High School, Fullerton, CA, 4 years as Principal at Saint Rita School, Fairfax, CA, 1st year as Principal at Saint Hilary School
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love reading, traveling , cooking and relaxing/spending time with family and friends.
Trudi Wiley
Primary Teacher
  • College - Sonoma State University
  • Year - 1969-1974
  • Location - Rohnert Park
  • Major/minor - Social Sciences
  • Credential -  Sonoma State University 1975 - CA Clear Standard Elementary Teaching Credential, Sonoma State University 1975 - CA Clear Standard Early Childhood Education Teaching Credential
  • Why is SHS so special to me? My son attended SHS from K-8 and I taught here all but one of those years. I am happy to be back home.
  • Prior teaching experience - Head Start, Novato, City of Novato Preschool Program (Tiny Tots), 1990-1998 Kindergarten at St. Hilary School
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - my family - my husband Rich and my son Jon. I love to travel. My family has experienced many wonderful places, but Italy (because we have family there) and Hawaii (because we love the outdoor lifestyle) are at the top of my list of favorite places. 
Cheryl Bull
Primary Teacher Aide
  • College - University of So. Maine
  • Why is SHS so special to me? My son has attended school here for the past 8 years. St. Hilary School has become my home away from home over the years. I believe we have the 'best staff' in the whole world!! The children at St. Hilary School are the best!!
  • Prior teaching experience - Teachers helper at St. Joseph's Parish School in Portland, ME
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love traveling especially in Maine, being with my family and my dog, Zack. I love cooking, knitting, being at the beach, shopping and reading.
Kathy Winkler
  • College - UC Davis
  • Year - 1984-1988
  • Location - Davis
  • Major/minor - Economics/Textiles Organizational Studies
  • Credential -  University of the Pacific 1998 Multi subject Credential
  • Why is SHS so special to me? The staff and school community are wonderful. I feel like I am so supported by all. Every member of our school is looked after which I think is very special.
  • Prior teaching experience - I student taught in Marin City and Mill Valley. I taught Pre School and worked in a private Montessori school.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I have two daughters who keep me very busy with their activities. I participate in triathlons and play violin. I was a member of the Collegiate National Water Polo Team, 1988. In 2001, I was the Ironman World Champion and in 2002 I placed second. This past October (2004), I won first place in my division adding Ironman World Champion to my list of honors. I represented Team USA at the Triathlon World Championships in Madeira, Portugal in 2004. I placed 2nd in the USA Nationals in 2003. I was the All American Top Ten Triathlete for 2001, 2002, 2003
Donna Davis

Kindergaraten Aide



  • College - University of San Francisco/Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing, Washington, D.C.
  • Year - 1970-1972
  • Location - San Francisco
  • Why is SHS so special to me? I am brand new to SHS but already I love the spirit of the staff members and the pervasive desire of everyone to help one another.
  • Prior teaching experience - Twelve years at Reed Union School District as an instructional aide in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love going on day trips with my family. I also enjoy nature, art in all forms, music and gardening.
Sue Alo
Kindergarten Aide
  • College - UC Berkeley
  • Year - 1977
  • Location - Berkeley
  • Major/minor - US History
  • Credential  - Sonoma State 2003 Single Subject - Social Studies
  • Why is SHS so special to me? Saint Hilary is special to me because it's my parish, it's my community and now it's my school. Shh, don't tell anyone but I have the best job in the school!
  • Prior teaching experience - Social Studies at Drake High School. I taught Economics, World Cultures and US History. I have also been a catechist in the Religious Ed. Program at St. Hilary for many years.
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - My special interests stay close to home, because they revolve around my children - ages 21, 18, and 12. My own hobbies include sports. I love to run, swim, and just this summer I started to play tennis with my 12 year old, Vanessa.
Emily Campbell

1st Grade Teacher

  • College - Sonoma State University and San Francisco State University
  • Year - 2001/2004
  • Major/minor - English/Creative Writing
  • Credential - Multple Subject, Professional Clear
  • Why is SHS so special to me? SHS has made me feel so welcome and loved as a new member of the school family. I smile everyday driving up the hill and still thank God for finding such a wonderful place to educate children.
  • Prior teaching experience - Observed in numerous schools in the Bay Area. Completed student teaching assignment at Jefferson Elementary in San Francisco.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love reading, playing tennis and dancing. I love spending time with my friends and family especially cooking for them.
Kim Lester

1st Grade Aide



  • College - Loyola Marymount University
  • Year - 2000-2004
  • Major/minor - Double Major in English and Political Science
  • Credential - Currently attending CalState Teach in order to earn my multiple subject credential
  • Advanced Degree - I hope to obtain my masters in elementary instruction after I obtain my credential.
  • Why is SHS so special to me? Being new to Northern California I have become  part of a community that welcomes me with open arms. Working at St. Hilary is truly a remarkable experience.
  • Prior teaching experience - Taught Catechism of Blessed Sacrament to 2nd and 8th graders. Volunteered at the Blind Children's Center in Los Angeles for four years. I tutored throughout my four years of college.
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - I love to hike, workout, cook, read, watch movies, shop and travel. My current interest is exploring the sights of San Francisco!!
Karin Zeidler
Second Grade
  • College - San Francisco State University
  • Year - 1979
  • Location - San Francisco
  • Major/minor - English Major
  • Credential - California Multiple Subjects Credential
  • Why is SHS so special to me? St. Hilary is a home away from home for me - a place where I can be part of a family that shares the same values of faith and community as I do. It's a place where I feel I can acknowledge and appreciate the gifts of my students and co-teachers alike.
  • Prior teaching experience - 2 years at St. Elizabeth's in San Francisco teaching 5th grade, 1 year teaching 2nd grade at St. Brigids in San Francisco, 1 year teaching 1st grade at Olive School in Novato, Resource/Reading Aide in at Olive School for 2 years. Taught guitar at St. Elizabeth's and Summer Counselor at St. Agnes in San Francisco.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love playing guitar and the piano, gardening, cooking, sewing, arts and crafts.
Lindsy Newman

2th Grade Aide/Science

  • College - University of Colorado
  • Year - 2004
  • Location - Boulder
  • Major/minor - Sociology/Business
  • Credential - I will be getting my teaching credential at either USF or Dominican
  • Why is SHS so special to me? It is really great to be back after graduating as a St. Hilary student over eight years ago. I feel like SHS is my home away from home.
  • Prior teaching experience - This is my first teaching job and I am so honored and excited to be a part of the St. Hilary community.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love my family and friends. I enjoy hiking, volleyball, ballet, college football and snowboarding.



Kelly Horan
3rd Grade homeroom teacher


  • College - Dominican University of California
  • Year - 2004
  • Location - San Rafael, California
  • Major/minor - Liberal Studies/Teacher Education
  • Credential - Multiple Subject Credential from Dominican University of California in 2005
  • Why is SHS  so special to me? Saint Hilary School is so special to me because the students, staff and parents are absolutely amazing. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms. I am privileged to work at a school where faith and education are embraced.
  • Prior teaching experience - I student taught in third grade classroom at Loma Verde School in Novato. I was also a long term substitute for a first grade classroom at Loma Verde School.
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - I like to go on hikes with my wonderful husband. I also enjoy spending quality time with my family. I love to read, cook, exercise and go camping.
Kevin Finn
3rd Grade Aide/K-8 P.E. Teacher
  • College - Marquette University
  • Year - 1985
  • Location - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Major/minor - Speech
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - St. Hilary is so special to me because it provides my children the opportunity to learn in a faith-filled environment. Everyone is so involved in the school, that it really makes it a pleasure to be a part of St. Hilary.
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - Running, snowboarding, golf, rugby and coaching as many sports as possible
Betsy Shelton
4th grade
  • College - Stanford University
  • Year - 1973
  • Location - Palo Alto, CA
  • Major/minor - English Literature/Art History/Communications
  • Credential -  California Multi-Subject Credential/Sonoma State University 1993
  • Why is SHS so special to me? St. Hilary School is truly a home-away-from-home where our parents are teachers, and our students have a delightful time together.
  • Prior teaching experience - St. Mark's School in San Rafael, 6th grade English and History
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - reading, spin classes, my dog Cricket, swimming, art, museums and traveling
Jennifer Krolick

4th Grade Aide

  • College - University of Santa Cruz
  • Year - 2005
  • Location - Santa Cruz
  • Major/minor - Psychology
  • Why is SHS so special to me? I am looking forward to gaining experience teaching. All of the teachers at St. Hilary School are very welcoming and supportive. I know it will be a great year.
  • Prior teaching experience - I was a teacher's aide at Green Acrea Elementary School in Santa Cruz last year.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love all kinds of art, painting, crafts, you name it. I also love playing guitar, although I am a beginner. I am a water person. I enjoy swimming and other water sports.
Rita Hayes
5th Grade/8th Grade History
  • College - Sacramento State
  • Year - 1994
  • Location - Sacramento, CA
  • Major/minor - Child Development
  • Credential - Sonoma State 1996 - Multi Subject, ECE Emphasis and CLAD
  • Why is SHS so special to me? St. Hilary has become my extended family - both the staff and school families. It is a warm, loving environment. I am honored to be a part of St. Hilary.
  • Prior teaching experience - City of San Rafael Pre-school and Daycare programs throughout high school and college
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love traveling, walking my dog Bear reading, making home improvements and attending 49er and Giants games
Suzanne Peoples
P.E. Teacher and 5th Grade Aide
  • College - S.F. State University
  • Location - San Francisco
  • Major/minor - Liberal Studies
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - The comfortable home away from home feeling which is evident among the students when seen playing or interacting at school. The school environment fosters each student's feeling of being an important part of an extended family.
  • Prior teaching experience - Taught P.E. at St. Cecilia's Grammar school in S.F. for 5 years as well as being 1st Grade Aide.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - Yoga, gardening, swimming and love to watch sporting events.
Dorothy 'Dot' Devitt
6th Grade homeroom teacher
  • College - San Francisco College for Women-Lone Mt.
  • Year - 1967
  • Location - San Francisco
  • Major/minor - Spanish, Minor in English and History
  • Credential - Standard Elementary Teaching credential - CA
  • Advanced Degree - Many units beyond my B.A.
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - SHS is special to me for various reasons: my 4 children graduated from SHS; the children are motivated learners and their parents are supportive; the staff is nurturing and has a lot of fun together.
  • Prior teaching experience - I began teaching in San Francisco public schools. I taught 2nd and 3rd Grades in the Mission District. I was also a resource teacher for new teachers.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - Cooking, gardening, reading, shopping, walking, exercising, and time with my new grandson.
Jenny Anton
6th Grade Aide
  • College - Waterpery Horticultural College
  • Year - 1963
  • Location - England
  • Major/minor - General Horticulture
  • Why is SHS so special to me? SHS has, over the 15 years I have been associated with it, become like a second home to me. From the time my daughter Georgina entered K to the present I have known nothing but good spirits, smiles and laughter.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - garden design, cooking and skiing
Charles Hayes
7th Grade
  • College - Santa Clara University
  • Year - 1994
  • Location - Santa Clara, CA
  • Major/minor - Business Management/Communications
  • Credential - Single Subject Credential - Social Sciences, Business, CLAD Emphasis Sonoma State University 2002
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - Saint Hilary School is a welcoming community of teachers, parents, and students who work together (and laugh together) in order to create an environment for mutual growth and fulfillment. Saint Hilary is a happy place to be.
  • Prior teaching experience - Tomales High School
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - Youth and High School Sports Official (Baseball and Football)
Gavin Madden

8th Grade


  • College - Menlo College
  • Year - 1999
  • Location - Atherton, CA
  • Major/minor - Psychology
  • Credential - Multiple Subject from Dominican University
  • Advanced Degree - Currently in the Masters Program at Dominican University with a concentration in curriculum and administration
  • Why is SHS so special to me? St. Hiary has a very familiar atmosphere that you see between students, families and the St. Hilary staff. The school has a very nice feel about it. I feel very fortunate to be here.
  • Prior teaching experience - Five years of 7th and 8th grade at St. Rita in Fairfax.
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - I like hiking, gold, tennis, and attending Giants and 49er games.
Janice Richey
Resource Specialist
  • College - Sonoma State University
  • Location - Rohnert Park, CA
  • Major/minor - Expressive Arts, Liberal Studies
  • Credential -  multiple subject credential, Learning Handicapped Special Education Credential, Resource Specialist certificate
  • Advanced Degree - Stopped just short of a Masters in Special Education
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - The faculty, staff, students, and parents here are a family to which I am always happy to return. I love my co-workers.
  • Prior teaching experience - Educational therapist/Educational Evaluator - The Learning Center, Dominican College, San Rafael; Learning Handicapped Special Day Class - Marin County office of Education
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - 35 years playing the Great Highland Bagpipe, Pipe Major of the Marin - based Macintosh Pipe Band; Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, Photography, Choir Singer

Erin Turner
Computers K-8
  • College - Dominican College
  • Year - 1990
  • Location - San Rafael
  • Major/minor - Humanities and a Minor in History
  • Credential -  California Multi Subject Clear Credential
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - St. Hilary School is special because of the community of students, parents and staff. Everyone cares about everyone! I would not want to be any other place because St. Hilary School is my extended family.
  • Prior teaching experience - Tutoring
  • Hobbies/Special Interest - I love reading, art history, gardening, bike riding, yoga and especially spending time with family and friends.
Ashley Ransom
  • College - Middlebury College
  • Year - 1988
  • Location - Middlebury, Vermont
  • Major/minor - Biology/psychology
  • Credential -  California Single Subject Credential
  • Advanced Degree - Master in Marine Biology, San Francisco State University
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - The school works more like a family than a school. A wonderful working environment filled with both humor and compassion.
  • Prior teaching experience - Rye Country Day School, Marin Country Day School
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - Avid scuba and free diver and I love hiking, and skiing around California
Claire Potter
Fifth through eighth grade mathematics
  • College - University of California at Berkeley
  • Year - 1990
  • Location - Berkeley, Ca
  • Credential -  California Single Subject: Mathematics
  • Advanced Degree - Half-way through completing a master's degree in mathematics, while teaching part time, I was offered a full time teaching job. I decided to follow my bliss, take the job, leave school and  have never regretted it.
  • Why is SHS so special to? - I am proud of our strong academics and passionate faculty, but it is the pervasive sense of genuine caring among all members of our community, students, teachers, parents and staff, that set us apart. Character education is paramount; this ethos is modeled and internalized by all. I remember after 9/11 getting together in student families to pray and talk and make 'peace flags' that lined the main hallway in one continuous banner. We sang patriotic songs like 'God Bless America' and songs of peace and I was so thankful to be a part of our community.
  • Prior teaching experience - Seven years as Math Specialist and Seventh and Eighth grade Math teacher at Saint Mark's School, on year internship at Oakland Tech High School and one year internship at Marin Child Development Center for individuals with special needs.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love Astronomy and anything outdoors, and I am a proud Trekkie.
Silvia Buckley
  • College - University of Lima
  • Year - 1982-1989
  • Location - Lima
  • Major/minor - Law
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - SHS is special because of the community spirit. Our faculty and families are part of our student's development, and they have the opportunity to see our children learn and grow.
  • Prior teaching experience - IES Language Program at Berkeley for 3 years in Spanish
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I enjoy spending tie with my family. I have two children who are 3 and 5 years old. I love music, opera, reading, hiking and running.
Chyah Westman
Art Studio
  • College - Colorado State University, Ft. Collius BEA, Harvard College MFA, and Japan University, Kyoto
  • Year - 1975-1980 and 1981-1983
  • Location - Ft. Collius, Japan, Cambridge
  • Major/minor - BFA, MA, Forensic minor in Science
  • Advanced Degree - Textile design, graphics design and Studio Landscape Architecture where I worked in the field for 2 years
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - The community is wonderful. I receive such wonderful support from the families around me. The students are great. I love seeing them develop and change over the years.
  • Prior teaching experience - I have taught at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, textile special, textile classes at various schools in the Marin area.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love to paint and design textiles, love to read, pastel, bake, take classes on various subjects to enhance my knowledge, travel, movies, being a mom. I love animals, hiking, biking and shoes.
Karen Hughes     

Art Studio


  • College -  Stockton State College San Francisco State University California
  • Year – 1976, 1982
  • Location - New Jersey, San Francisco
  • Major/minor  Advance Degrees- BA  Media Studies Education, Masters Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Why is SHS so special to me? I love the small size of St. Hilary. As a teacher I get to know every student and meet every family. I love the interest in art from parents. The students really benefit from their parents’ support.
  • Prior teaching experience – I served as a teacher’s aide at a public school on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. I worked as a substitute art teacher at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests – I am very interested in creative solutions to most problems. I have remodeled three homes and a farmhouse. Solving design issues and learning more every time. I love to garden, planting around sculptural objects I collect.


Carolyn Biasotti
  • College - San Francisco State University
  • Year - 1987
  • Location - San Francisco
  • Major/minor - Humanities and Literature
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - From the moment I stepped iinto the entrance of the school it felt as though I was being hugged. My husband, my children and I feel so blessed to be a part of this special, loving, caring community!
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - READING! READING! READING! Also, walking, boogie boarding, dancing. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family. Did I mention that I love to read . . .
Pamela Carey
Music, K-8
  • College - Dominican University
  • Year - 1984
  • Location - San Rafael
  • Major/minor - Music
  • Advanced Degree - Master of Music, violin performance
  • Why is SHS so special to me? - St. Hilary School is special to me because it is a community. The parish, teachers, parents and students learn, play and pray together.
  • Prior teaching experience - Dominican Community Music School, 1979-current, Dominican University, 1986-current, St. Anselm. 1984-2000, Our Lady of Loreto, 1995-1999, San Domenico, 1986-1988, Stuart Hall, 1989-1990, Saint Ritas, 2004-current
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love performing with various Bay Area Symphonies, theater groups, and opera companies. I love traveling, whitewater rafting and cooking.
Erin Thrasher
Day Care Program
  • Why is SHS so special to me? I love everything about the school. The parents, children and staff are wonderful. St. Hilary is like my second home.
  • Hobbies/Special Interests - I love spending time with my husband and our daughter.
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