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St. Hilary School

The New Angels Club

Are you a member?

What is Angels Club?
Angels Club is our program of annual giving. It makes up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running our school.

Angels Club supports the people and programs that make our school so special.

It allows us to recruit and retain talented teachers. It keeps our student-teacher ratio down to 7-1. It allows us to provide specialists in reading, mathematics, languages, science, music, art, technology and athletics. It pays for a host of learning specialists, therapists, and a school psychologist second to none.

While our children are in school, all of this translates into more personal attention, increased intellectual stimulation, better discipline, and far higher standards of compassion, ethics, and well being than most of us have ever encountered.

Angels Club is more vital than ever before because tuition gives our children access to far more than what we actually pay for.

We need Angels club to grow and flourish in order to maintain and continue the growth of our wonderful school.

Our goal is 100% participation.

Join us today!

Why Angels Club?
Angels Club is money for our school's current year operating expenses. It bridges the $1,600 per child gap between what tuition covers and the actual cost of educating each student.

As we balance rising costs against our commitment to affordability, 100% participation in Angels Club is the way we maintain the quality of our programs.

Here are some of the staff and programs supported by your Angels Club contributions -

Pamela Carey - Music
Alex Edwards - Library
Kevin Finn - Physical Education
Jan Ritchey - Resource Specialist
Erin Turner - Computers

Join us today!

St. Hilary's Child

Soar like the eagles,
pure as the sky
St. Hilary's child,
where they can ask why

Childhood is fleeting,
better hold tight
Guide him and teach him
to do what is right

Seconds to hours,
a day to a year
A child is talking,
be there to hear

Knowing they're loved,
it's real not a style
Joyous in learning,
her genuine smile

Soar like the eagles,
St. Hilary's child

Join Us Today!

Our emphasis is on 100% participation from all school families, teachers, staff, and friends. Realizing that each of us are unique in our ability to give, we've set new levels of giving so everyone can be recognized for their participation.

Cherub $100-$999
Angel $1000-$2499
Arch Angel $2500-$4999
Arch Angel Gold $5000-$7499
Arch Angel Platinum $7500+

Members at the Arch Angel level will be feted at an annual dinner hosted by the Principal and School Board. Each member will receive a detailed briefing covering issues of interest, questions of policy,and priorities for the coming year.

Arch Angels will have a seat at the table and be a part of the process.


Or, you can mail your contribution to:
St. Hilary School
765 Hilary Drive
Tiburon, Ca. 94920

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